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24 October 1987
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As a graphic designer and an enthusiast for typography, I’m interesting in making each solution visually attractive and creative. I love coming up with new ways to enhance my techniques, whether it means browsing the web, or even take cues from my peers for inspirations. This goes to show that 33% is from instructors, 33% your peers, and 34% is all you is true. I’m hard working, will to learn to things, and above all I’m passionate about the work I do.

I’m originally from Vietnam, and resided in Florida for the most part of my life. I can still read, write, and speak the language because you never know when it’ll save you. When I’m not sketching or drawing words, I ventured outside to enjoy the fresh air and smoldering sun. It’s not a good idea to be outside in the sun, but you might as well since it is the Sunshine State. When I get enough of the outdoors, I fill my day with books, bicycle, exercise, and — my favorite — eating.